Life in Shaniko

Ghost towns are possibly some of the most interesting places to find oneself, alone with the past, pondering what was and why things slipped away and what uncertain future awaits them. Kind of reminds one of how life can be viewed. Maybe I think that because I live in Shaniko   -DH

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Shaniko's Pioneer Days


No Pioneer Days for 2016

Everyone is still welcome to come check-out our town. 

 Shaniko Shooters Pioneer Days

The Shaniko Shooters prepare for a gunfight.


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Find us on Facebook at for live updates. We are also available by phone at 1.541.489.3434.


The Morelli Family: Sue Morelli, a pioneer in Shaniko history, owned the Shaniko Hotel from 1955-1977. Sue wrote many great books about Shaniko History. Be sure to look for her books and her artwork at the Stagecoach Station in Shaniko.

Morelli Family Pioneer Days