Life in Shaniko

Ghost towns are possibly some of the most interesting places to find oneself, alone with the past, pondering what was and why things slipped away and what uncertain future awaits them. Kind of reminds one of how life can be viewed. Maybe I think that because I live in Shaniko   -DH

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Each year visitors wonder what those living in a ghost town do, wishing to join us in living unexplainable dreams as individual as the residents that populate Shaniko. Though not an easy landscape to reside in, living in the middle of somewhere has advantages and in a famous Ghost Town, even more.


Ghost towns are categorized into three types: one still inhabited, one deserted, and one known only by the ground it once occupied. The population of Shaniko is typically around thirty, if not a bit above and between sometimes. Living “far out” in Shaniko’s delivers an unusual, unique, and historic experience.  A former shop owner once said, “Shaniko is a place to do nothing.”  Another good description for a visit here is “Relax, Retreat, and Remember”.


Throughout all of Shaniko history, the chapters continue to be written and one can be individually yours. Whether you visit when nothing is happening or on the busiest event day of the year, Shaniko has something to share with you. Open April through September, the shops are woven in between the history available: in the museum, along the streets, and on the murals that decorate the buildings.  If activity is what you are looking for, see the events pages and be sure to thank the Shaniko Chamber of Commerce, City of Shaniko and the Shaniko Preservation Guild for their dedication.