Life in Shaniko

Ghost towns are possibly some of the most interesting places to find oneself, alone with the past, pondering what was and why things slipped away and what uncertain future awaits them. Kind of reminds one of how life can be viewed. Maybe I think that because I live in Shaniko   -DH

City of Shaniko

Shaniko was incorporated by a vote on February 9, 1901 and has been a continual municipality. The governing body under the current charter consists of 8 elected officials:

  • 1 Mayor
  • 1 Recorder
  • 6 Councilors


The City of Shaniko still maintains the original 1901 City Hall building, but meets next door in the community meeting building once each month. The City of Shaniko can be contacted by writing:

City of Shaniko
PO Box 17
Shaniko, OR 97057

(541) 489-3226 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.